Terms and Conditions

Location Agreement
Clients must submit a location agreement before the scheduled photo/video shoot. The photographer will only be allowed to enter the property or dwelling with written authorization from the owner/manager.

Personal/Talent Release
We require a personal release for any person(s) appearing in videos or photos.

Drone Operations
If we schedule aerial photography, the certified pilot in command must comply with rules and regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding airspace, safety, and other legislation. The pilot in command handles the positioning of the drone and its camera angles but can take into consideration any ideas from the client as long as the operation is legal and safe to do so. Some property areas may have flight limitations and drone missions might be prohibited. Therefore, the FAA must grant permission (which can take a few days to several months) before any flight. We will evaluate properties near airports and determine if it will be safe to fly if the FAA approves the request. We cannot launch a drone during inclement weather or when winds/wind gusts exceed 27mph.

Property Readiness
For a professional photo/video shoot, the property must be camera-ready before the day of shooting (clutter-free, floors clean, all lights working, etc.). The photographer may prep areas of the home before shooting so the photos look professional.

Updates to Terms
Retro Real Estate Reels reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions at any time. Clients or website visitors may view the updated terms via the Terms and Conditions page.