Resurrect your VHS tapes by converting them to a digital file for playback on your computer, smartphone, TV, or other digital device. You can download the files onto your smartphone or computer, or we can save them to an SD card or Flash Drive, or burn them to a DVD for playback on a DVD player (NTSC format). We will notify you when the transfer is complete and mail (or deliver locally) your VHS tape once the conversion is complete.

Transfer VHS to Digital File - $25 per hour or $25 per tape with less than one hour of footage.

Digital Download - FREE.
SD Card - $10.
Flash Drive - $10.
DVD - $15 / $5 Per Extra Copy (up to 5 copies per transfer).

If you mail your tape(s) to us, return shipping & handling is:
One Tape - $10.
Two Tapes - $15.

We will invoice you separately for shipping charges when mailing three or more tapes.
Local pick-up & delivery (within a 25-mile radius - Denton, Texas) is FREE.
Let's get you started with the conversion process. Please complete the form below for more information and to get your VHS tape in the cue to be digitized.

Turnaround is 2-3 weeks if the VHS tapes are shipped.
1-2 weeks if the VHS tapes are dropped off or we pick them up
VHS tapes submitted for transfer must be free of any copyright.
Thank you for your inquiry regarding our VHS transfer services. Your form has been received, and we will respond by the next business day with a quote and the procedure for acquiring your tape to digitize.
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